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Positive Feedback Loops for the WIN

No matter what activity, event, or person you want to commemorate in a quilt, Quilt Your Life can help you make it happen.

Planning Guidance

Can't decide what aspect of life to quilt or how to make it happen? I want to help you create a plan that sets yourself up for success.

Quilt Photography

Photograph your quilts in a way that lets the heart and soul that's been stitched into them shine! 

Skill Building

Having the knowledge you need to make your quilty vision a reality is the first step to confident quilting. 

Let's do this!


Hi, I'm Kitty, and I've been exploring the world of milestone quilts for the last 6 years. Join me for a class and find out more about the power of quilting your life.


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Don't know how to 
quilt your life yet?  

Click here for a free brainstormed list of different aspects of life that you could turn into a quilt, just to get your wheels turning.

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Planning & Organization

Having a clear plan in place that sets yourself up for success is the first step to successfully quilting your life. Crew Membership includes resources to guide you through the process, including organizers, videos, and tools.

Foundation Paper Piecing

Foundation paper piecing is a quilting technique that opens a world of possibilities. Learn how to foundation paper piece, from the basics all the way through to the tips that will help you avoid frustration and quilt with joy.

FPP Design

Every person's story is different, and when you're quilting your story, having the skills you need to create a quilt block representing ANY part of your life is an amazing boost of confidence. Video lessons on how to Design FPP blocks await you!

What can you expect from a Quilt Your Life Crew Membership?

Quilt Your Life Crew is all about setting yourself up for success in all things, living life to the fullest, and literally making memories. Discover the power of creating positive feedback loops with life and quilting. When you join the crew, you can count on three things:

Planning Guildance

Planning pdfs, recorded videos, and live check-ins will help you determine a plan for success.

Technique Building

You'll have access to a growing library of quilt technique lessons and tips. 

Live Meetings

Monthly live check-ins for sharing progress, answering questions, and sewing & growing together. 



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  • Community
  • Quilt Photography Tips
  • Quilty skill building
  • Unlimited access to every class!
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Want to join the Quilt Your Life Crew and expand on all areas of your quilting life? Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited access to classes and a growing library of quilty resources!  

Kathy S.

"...Kitty offers tips, personal insights, and guidance on how to create a project that is meaningful."


"The Quilt Your Life Workshop was fantastic!...I am excited to start my own milestone quilt!"


"I left with so many ideas and the tools to make milestone quilts, and I completely recommend!"

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